My real name is Sandra Warren and I hail from the deep south.  I am the wife of a retired Military Officer, married for 20 years.  We have four children, two of which are middle school age.   We also have seven grandchildren.... another words we have one set of millennial kids and another set still at home.  

Life is good!

What are my passions?

Homeschool - We are strong advocates of school choice and homeschool.  Our youngest children have been in Private school and Homeschool throughout their lives.  Read about Our Homeschool Story and details

Adoption - We are very strong advocates of adoption!  I am adopted and we grew our family through Domestic, International and even Step Parent Adoption.  My mantra is:  Adoption not Abortion!

Politics - I have always considered myself a Conservatarian, with growing interest in politics throughout my life.  I have been a Trump supporter since summer of 2015.  Make America Great Again!

Journalism - My employment history includes Newspaper Managing Editor, Production Manager and Web Developer to name a few.  I love to write and will enjoy growing as a writer through this website and other venues.

Web Design and Graphics - I have been knee deep in both for a couple of decades.  I still build websites for a few companies.  So much fun!  Below is a video from 2011 featuring many of the websites my company built.  Soon after this video, the company was sold.  

Dog Training - We have always loved animals and presently have two cats and an AKC English Cream Golden Retriever puppy born Nov 12, 2017 named him Rebel.  He is a rock star puppy.  He is presently in obedience training on the path to be a Service Dog for Sandra.  100% Owner Trained by Sandra.  We hope to add another English Cream to our pack this fall.

Why did I start this website?

I retired from employment in 2015 and now in pursuit of joy, happiness, fulfillment of life and passion without the concern of monetary gain.  This quest has led me to enjoy my many interests to the fullest extent.  Come join me!


Stumping for Trump in South Carolina