Vaping Anniversary 6 years smoke free

Like many people, I grew up in a smoke filled home and began smoking at 15 years old.  I tried multiple times throughout my life to quit using every option on the market without success.  My mother passed away from complications of COPD in 2007... which did eat at me but I continued to smoke.  

While at a seminar in Portland Oregon in 2011 I joined the other smokers on the outdoor patio.  While we were outside smoking cancer sticks, some of the other attendees were taunting us from inside vaping...


The great alternative to Smoking!

I smoked for many more years than I care to admit, but suffice to say I was a teenager when I started. Over the years that habit turned into some sort of crazy relationship with cigarettes. Rarely did I even consider quitting but was embarrassed that I had not given up my beloved crutch.