My 70 pound Golden Retriever Lap Dog

Rebel has grown by leaps and bounds and I wanted to document where he is at with his training.  He is now 8 months old and weighs around 70 pounds.  He continues to be 100% food motivated which makes training MUCH easier.  My love of Golden Retrievers is off the charts and we have a deposit down for his brother who should be coming home in September.   Rebel is such a blessing and an amazing BFF.  My overall health has improved immensely with my trusty Service Dog in Training.  I love my Rebel boy!  

Current commands and their status below:

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My Service Dog in Training

From the moment we started the search for a Golden Retriever puppy, I wanted to train him to be my Service Dog.  I knew the odds of a Golden Retriever succeeding as a SD were far higher than other breeds.  Every decision we made during this process was in hopes that the puppy we chose would be my Service Dog but only time would tell if it worked out.  That said, I can officially say that Rebel is my Service Dog in Training at 6 months of age.  He has FAR exceeded all of my expectations and continues to astound me with his abilities every day!

Dog Training FAQ

Sandra opines about Frequently Asked Questions.  Sandra's opinions on Pet Insurance, Spay and Neuter, Breeding, Dog Treats, Raw Diet, Pet food, Positive Training vs Balanced Training, e-collars, vaccinations, toys and much more.  This is an ongoing article that will be edited as needed.  As I learn more, my opinions sometimes change.  These are my opinions as of today.

Puppy Socialization Rebel and Buddy Play Date

Puppies need to be socialized in every conceivable situation such as other animals, people, stores, hiking adventures and so forth. The Vets, however, strongly discourage socialization until after the puppy vaccines which puts owners in a quandary. Rebel was 16 weeks old before he was cleared to be able to socialize which really limited his exposure to life during the critical marking stage. The dogs health is of utmost importance so we did abide by the Vets strong warning but we were ready for the minute he was cleared! Here is how we did a crash course in socialization within one week of being cleared by vet.