Puppy Life Hacks (Sandra & Rebel)

Puppy life has many challenges.  Puppies get into so much mischief and go through many stages some of which are downright painful.  Through trial and error as well as much advice from other Golden Retriever owners, we have found success on many of the common problems.  Here is what worked for us.

Puppy Biting

  • Hold snout shut and say "No Bite" very sternly
  • Redirect the needle sharp mouth to a Deer Antler or other approved chew toy.

Together, this corrected the VERY painful biting within a few days.  Thank God!

Puppy Diarrhea 

Puppies put everything in their mouth and their tummies can't handle change at all.  The result is diarrhea bouts which is exhausting to say the least.  We had 2 rounds to the vet where Rebel was treated for Giardia and even tested for Parvo... yes it was that bad.  The vet prescribed Immodium AD in addition to antibiotics which works but is really only addressing the symptoms not the real problem.  We tried everything we could think of including using only Spring Water.  

We have not changed food since he is doing great on the food the breeder used and changing food also causes diarrhea.  Another Golden Retriever owner suggested adding enzymes to his diet.  The Vet agreed and encouraged the use of ProBiotic enzymes.  The one we chose is NaturVet Soft Chews  So far we have MUCH improved poops!  I will update this article later with our longer term results.

Update:  We have been on ProBiotics/Enzymes for a couple of weeks now and are very happy with the results.  All of his stools are Excellent to Good with an occasional loose.  We are going to add a tablespoon of Pumpkin to his food daily since it also helps tummy issues.  It isn't a great test for the Pumpkin since we already have diarrhea under control but thought I would mention it as it is very good for pups.

Destruction of Property

It is inevitable that puppies will find gnawing joy on anything wood, carpet and other things.  Our goal from the outset was to just reduce the No-No's to a manageable level.  We do not give Rebel full run of the house, he is limited to a 15 foot radius using a tethered lead as we move from different areas of the house and is always supervised or in his crate. He still manages to find chair legs to gnaw on and carpet to pull holes in.  We saturate each of these no-no's with plain ole Lemon Juice and let him try it.  Once is all it takes and no further destruction to those items.  He doesn't even pay them any attention at all now.  YAY  

With everything teething/gnawing related, we redirect him to the Deer Antlers which are approved for chewing.

Note:  I am not advertising for these products nor paid by anyone to review these products, they are simply the products we chose to use and like.

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