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Rebel 14 Weeks Old

Our boy, Rebel, will turn 15 weeks tomorrow, where does time go?  Wow, he has learned so much.  Here is a breakdown of where we are now with Obedience Training.

School Time

Major training sessions are started with an alert to him that it's "School Time."  Rebel races to me and sits in anticipation.  He LOVES school.... (er ahh Treats) which happens many times per day.  School sessions start with "Sit" and proceed through random commands that he has a solid grasp on with a new one or an advancement added in with every session.  I always push him a little farther each time.  

Sit:  Absolutely perfect of course

Down:  Perfect although sometimes slow

Swirl and Twirl (both directions):  He doesn't care what I call it, he follows my fingers for direction

Leave It:  Even more amazing now!  I can leave the room, throw the food in the air to scatter on the floor, turn my back and even with other distractions he doesn't break the command.  Just amazing!  Our release word is "Ok" and he has it down perfectly!  I push his patience farther and farther by being out of the room longer or hiding in a different room etc...

Stay:  He is VERY good at stay, but not dependable.  Sometimes I can put him in a "Stay" and he will sit there waiting for 5 minutes.  Other times he will see me and come running.  Sometimes he forgets the whole concept and wanders around.  I think we are very close to getting it tho.  Interestingly enough, if I told him to "Leave It" he would sit there looking at the food till I said "Ok" which is essentially a "Stay.  LOL

When school time is over I tell him "School's Out, Good boy" and he goes crazy!  He totally understands the whole concept.

In Progress

Come when called:  Fabulous as long as he is not distracted.  Even his reflection in glass is sometimes too much of a distraction :D  Hysterical!

Out:  Still a work in progress.  He drops it but then picks it right back up before you can grab it.  Gotta be fast :D  Rebel has his own game of fetch going on.  He is good enough with it that I have ordered a ChuckIt to save my arm with all the ball throwing!  

Leash:  Rebel does great on a leash unless there is a mushroom or some scent on the ground.  If he catches a whiff of something, hang on for a ride.  We have to work on the distractions and the leash will be an A+... of course he is only 14 weeks old.  We are presently using a regular buckle collar but have a Gentle Leader just in case we need it.  So far, I am still holding hope that he gets it without the fancy collars.

Rebel is such a fast learner.  I am in awe! Neighbors and friends come to visit to watch the "Rebel Show" which is just a training session.  LOL  Rebel performs on demand easily!  So much fun!  Great times with my new BFF!

Update:  I added a video of a short training session with Rebel.  


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