Rebel Sit-Stay with our Kubota fleet

Rebel has learned 14 commands in the eight weeks we have been training.  The older he gets the more mature he gets and thus able to focus longer periods of time.  He is an amazingly smart dog and we make a fabulous team.  Golden Retrievers are brilliant Dog Training students!  Here are his current commands and a video demonstration of him at 14 weeks old doing some of the commands.

Sit:  Sit is an easy command to teach and extremely useful.  We use the sit command before almost every normal activity such as before getting his leash on or off.  It slows him down so he doesn't get into trouble while also teaching patience and honing the command.  

Down:  Rebel is very good at down and it is a foundational command for many future training plans.

Stay:  He is VERY good at Stay.  See the featured picture of this article where Rebel is in a Sit-Stay at about 30 feet away with a LOT of distractions.  He held it for multiple pictures which I thought was awesome at his age.  Inside he can hold Sit-Stay for much longer (about 3 minutes) because there are few distractions.  We will work on Down-Stay at a later time.

Leave It:  Rebel is amazing at Leave It.  He would likely sit there all day waiting for me to give the "Ok" release before eating kibble.  Simply amazing.  I am starting to use "Leave It" in other environments and situations so he can expand from just leaving food to leaving things alone on walks etc...  

Come When Called:  He is very dependable with "Come" and we have honed this command by using it to redirect him when he is about to get into trouble.  I will say "Rebel Come" and then run him through some of his known commands for a minute or so with treats for success.  By the time I am done with him he has forgotten about whatever no-no he was getting into.  He is great at Come When Called because he hopes we do training and he can earn treats.

Spins:  Rebel spins in both directions but follows my finger for direction.  I plan to turn this into fast spins both ways on a porch rug to clean his paws before coming in.  

No Bite:  Puppy nipping is painful so this command was taught out of necessity.  He has to be reminded frequently but it is only needed during heavy play times.  He does very well with No Bite.

Speak:  In order to control barking, it is easiest to train "Speak" and "Quiet" together.  I ended up with 3 commands.  It is easy to teach Speak.  Quiet and Shhhhh are harder to teach.  Rebel does all 3 very well.

Quiet:  Also known as "Whisper" is just a quieter version of bark, could also be described as a grumble.  I taught this after Shhhhh since he seemed to grasp the concept.

Shhhh:  Finger to lips and doing the Shhhhhhhh sound tells Rebel No Bark.  He is very good at this unless over stimulated.

Up:  Jumping is a pain in the butt so I taught Rebel to jump on command so that I could teach him Off.  It works well.  We will perfect it as he grows so his feet hit my chest at the right place.  Right now he hits my tummy with his paws.  It is good enough for now.  Off was the goal anyway :D

Off:  Rebel is very good at Off unless he is over stimulated.  We are also adding Off into other life aspects like putting his paws on the table and other no-no's.  It is a great command.

Shake Hands:  He LOVES to shake hands and does a great job with both paws.

High Five:  With a few modifications of Shake Hands, he was doing High Fives in a couple of minutes.  He enjoys High Fives a LOT.