My Service Dog in Training

From the moment we started the search for a Golden Retriever puppy, I wanted to train him to be my Service Dog.  I knew the odds of a Golden Retriever succeeding as a SD were far higher than other breeds.  Every decision we made during this process was in hopes that the puppy we chose would be my Service Dog but only time would tell if it worked out.  That said, I can officially say that Rebel is my Service Dog in Training at 6 months of age.  He has FAR exceeded all of my expectations and continues to astound me with his abilities every day!

I have a list of health issues a mile long which no one wants to read about..... and I don't want to talk about so we will just leave that be.  Suffice to say I have a plethora of issues, many of which Rebel will be a huge help with.  Some of the more common issues Rebel is already helping with simply because he keeps me more active.  See our story on the Amazing Fitness and Weight Loss Program.  I lost 20 pounds, A1C, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure all dropped to normal without meds since bringing Rebel home.

As we move forward we will be working more on Public Access behavior training.  He is doing very well in public... for a 6 month old puppy that is.  

Some of the tasks that he will be working on first are Crowd Control, Cover, Block, Deep Pressure Therapy.  Later we will work on Scent Detection and Medical Alerts to name a few.  As my medical needs change, Rebel will learn new tasks to help mitigate other issues as they arise.

I chose to owner train and learn as much as possible about Service Dog Training while I am still able to do so.  Purchasing a program dog for $15K to $30K seemed like a waste when I am still physically able to do it myself.  It is my hope to take less medications and have more freedom as Rebel matures in his new role.

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