Dyson Big Ball Animal and Royal Vacuum Cleaners
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  • Hardly a day goes by that a Golden Retriever owner doesn't ask about Vacuum cleaners.  I want to give a more in depth view of what we use.  Presently we have a Golden Retriever, 2 cats and 2 teenagers... all of which shed like crazy.  Yes, even the 2 legged kiddos shed.  

    Through time, our family has purchased about 12 high end vacuum cleaners and most ended up in the trash heap.  The latest new vacuum that we purchased was the Dyson Big Ball Animal vac.  The most recent acquisition is an older Royal Everlast 8100 circa 1988 to 1990 which is a Kirby style commercial vac which my engineer hubby restored to new condition.  

    Home Environment:  Our house is 2400 square feet of open concept living.  We do not wear shoes in the house to limit dirt.  Rebel is our 7 month old Golden Retriever who is brushed daily and groomed often.  Our cats, Starlight and Emma, have full run of the house and are shedding machines.  We vacuum about once per week.  Deep cleaning weeks we use both vacuums.

    Dyson Big Ball Animal canister contents
    Dyson Big Ball Animal canister contents

    What we love about the Dyson Big Ball Animal vacuum:  The Dyson does a good job at picking up surface debris such as hair, fur and sand.  It has a low profile so slips under furniture easily.  The hose attachments are useful for hard to reach areas.  It does a good job within it's limitations.

    What we love about the Royal Vacuum:  The Royal does a great job at agitating the carpet and has the power to extract the deep dirt, sand and fine dust particles buried in the carpets.  

    Spring cleaning and other deep clean up days, we vacuum the entire house with both vacuums.  Immediately after finishing a full house vacuum with the Dyson, we vacuum the entire house again with the Royal.  It was impossible to get a picture of the Royal bag contents but I will describe to the best of my ability.  Approximately one inch of very fine dust particles (consistency of talc) and pet hair in the bag.  The beater bar picked up more of the teenager hair too.  

    Dyson and Royal Vacuum beater bars
    Dyson and Royal Vacuum beater bars

    Vacuum Research that was very helpful to us.

    Agitation, Airflow and Suction are the most important features of a vacuum.  Watch this video to learn more!

    Purchase price of our Dyson Big Ball Animal was approximately $500.  We bought it when they first came out.

    Purchase price of our Royal Everlast was approximately $100 plus the cost of some replacement parts.  The bags are approx $20 per year and are HEPA filtered.  Royal vacuums have very few parts and easy to find on eBay.  

    Each vacuum has it's own strengths and weaknesses but together they make a dynamic duo!  If I could only have one vac, it would be the Royal.  Thankfully I don't have to choose just one.