Rebel Sit-Stay with our Kubota fleet

Rebel has learned 14 commands in the eight weeks we have been training.  The older he gets the more mature he gets and thus able to focus longer periods of time.  He is an amazingly smart dog and we make a fabulous team.  Golden Retrievers are brilliant Dog Training students!  Below are his current commands and a video demonstration of him at 14 weeks old doing some of the commands.

Rebel 14 Weeks Old

Our boy, Rebel, will turn 15 weeks tomorrow, where does time go?  Wow, he has learned so much.  Here is a breakdown of where we are now with Obedience Training.

Major training sessions are started with an alert to him that it's "School Time."  Rebel races to me and sits in anticipation.  He LOVES school.... er ahh Treats :D which happens many times per day.  School sessions start with "Sit" and proceed through random commands that he has a solid grasp on with a new one or an advancement added in with every session.  I always push him a little farther each time.

Puppy Life Hacks (Sandra & Rebel)

Puppy life has many challenges.  Puppies get into so much mischief and go through many stages some of which are downright painful.  Through trial and error as well as much advice from other Golden Retriever owners, we have found success on many of the common problems.  Here is what worked for us.

Puppy Biting, Puppy Diarrhea and Destruction

Rebel 10 Weeks Old

Rebel has been home a few weeks now and is doing amazing.  We made the 10 hour round trip to get him without issue and have been living the puppy life ever since.  

I knew that Golden Retrievers were smart, but I have never had a dog THIS smart.  WOW  Here are just some of the adventures we have had thus far.

Golden Retriever Litter Pick

This weekend the breeder had puppy pick day.  We were nervous, wondering how in the world do you pick from 8 adorable boy pups.  As it turns out, the worry was completely unnecessary.  Hubby, myself and both kiddos picked the same puppy.  Simply amazing.