Amazing Fitness and Weight Loss Program

There are oodles of books, videos, programs and other self help plans to help people loose weight and get fit.  I have discovered the holy grail of fitness and weight loss that I must share with you!

It happened quite by accident and I suggested to my Dr that he prescribe this amazing program to his patients.  He agreed!  Here is the program:

Homeschool Dog Training Lesson Plans Pt 1

Rebel will be home in about a week and the clock is ticking for an official family Homeschool Lesson plan.  So after many months of study and planning here is our plan of attack for the first couple of months.

We want everyone in the family to be as involved as possible with training Rebel, however, I am still the Trainer!  Kids understand Zak George the most and it helps them to get into the right mind set.  For adults I prefer Larry Krohn of Pakmaster Dog Training.

Homeschool Cooking Lesson Plans

One of the most fascinating parts of Homeschool is the ability to create life skill curriculum's for fun.  Cooking is always a favorite and I wanted to share one that works for Elementary age through early Middle school age.

Dog Obedience Homeschool Curriculum

While we wait for our Golden Retriever puppy to arrive, there are many things to research and prepare for.  During this process we have discovered a myriad of things that are bonus benefits.

We are currently zoning in on the valuable lessons that our children will learn and creating homeschool lesson plans.  

Our Homeschool Story

Homeschooling, as the name implies, is educating your children at home. Parent's choose to home school for a wide variety of reasons including dissatisfaction with public school curriculum such as Common Core.  Other reasons include preference to Faith based education without expensive Private school tuition. Whatever the motivation, homeschool families enjoy greater control over the education of their children. 

Does Big Government Understand Education

A family with 10 children will find that each child has different educational needs.  Some children learn by reading, others by watching and some by hands on experience, just to name a few.  Such a simple concept to understand.

School Choices


The nationwide movement of school choice empowers parents with educational options that best fits the needs of their children. School choice has always been available for families, who could afford Private School tuition or relocation to a better school district. New and innovative educational programs are expanding, giving more options to parents such as public charter schools and magnet schools which compete with traditional public schools. 

Magnet Schools

Magnet schools are a free public elementary and high school choice governed by school districts offering theme focused curriculum.  Themes include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Arts. career and technical education.  Magnet schools usually apply alternative and innovative instruction methods often with more hands on learning.