Our Homeschool Story

Homeschooling, as the name implies, is educating your children at home. Parent's choose to home school for a wide variety of reasons including dissatisfaction with public school curriculum such as Common Core.  Other reasons include preference to Faith based education without expensive Private school tuition. Whatever the motivation, homeschool families enjoy greater control over the education of their children.

There are a plethora of options such as traditional school at home, eclectic, and even unschooling for your family or individual child's needs.  Approximately 2.3 million children are homeschooled and no two families use the exact same methods, styles and curriculum.  There is no "right" or "wrong" system, only what works for your family.  Every homeschool has their unique story to tell, here is mine.

Our youngest children were enrolled in private school from Pre-K until we began homeschool.  The private Christian school that our children attended used A Beka Virtual Classrooma ministry of Pensacola Christian Academy in Florida.  The Master Teachers taught the classes via video and the local teacher, Dr. Wooden, along with her aids, assisted the students with the challenging curriculum.   Our children excelled in the strict environment and we were extremely happy.  

About four years ago, the Private school made the decision to move to a home school platform which led to decisions for each of the families.  Our family chose to continue with the same curriculum using A Beka Academy Video Streaming Homeschool as it would not disrupt the routine the children had become accustom to.  The only real change was in leadership with dad now the principal and mom now the teacher's aid.  It was a wise choice and we are still very happy with our decision.

We kept most of the Private School schedule which is commonly referred to as "classical style."  At 8 AM every morning the family says the pledge of allegiance to the flags and Bible before heading to laptops to begin school work.  Mom and Dad are available to assist as needed and also keep order in the classroom.  The school day ends when assignments are complete which is usually around 3 PM.

The dining room table serves as desks and white boards list the assignments for each child.  Earbuds allow for quiet study and baskets keep their books and supplies close at hand.  At the end of the day, all books and laptops are stored in a cabinet out of sight until the next school day.

A Beka Academy has a proven track record with 50,000 students enrolled.  They offer Accredited (A Beka maintains report cards and transcripts) and Independent study (parent's keep the records) options as well as book only, DVD and Streaming Video.  The cost is reasonable at approximately $545 to $1000 per student per year (pricing depends on grade) including tuition and books.  There are other options for tuition only or books only. More on financials click here.

There are many other homeschool curriculum's and systems available.  Take a look around www.homeschool.com for ideas that may fit your family needs.

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