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Does Big Government Understand Education

A family with 10 children will find that each child has different educational needs.  Some children learn by reading, others by watching and some by hands on experience, just to name a few.  Such a simple concept to understand.

Big government only understands a collective box where some excel, most succeed and too many are lost in the weeds.  There are so many need variables that do not fit into a box and big government will never be able to address each of them properly.  Try as they might, throwing money at education has not produced better educational outcomes.

The spending per pupil with the most recent data indicating approximately $11K is spent per student on public education per the National Education Association.  The age old debate remains that no matter how much money government throws at schools, the outcome has remained steady.  

Big government also tried an even smaller box with Common Core and other programs which left more children lost.  

The answer has never been more money, more oversight, more testing etc...  The answer is more freedom of choice!  

When parents are given the opportunity to choose they, make wise choices based on each individual child's needs.  School choice is incredibly needed in America.  Innovation and creative learning options will open the education box of old and unleash education for all.  Many educational options haven't even been dreamed of yet.  Watch the John Stossel video below, "Stupid in America" which is still relevant today!


There will always be a need for traditional public schools, but government needs to get out of the way and give the power back to the people!