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Dog Obedience Homeschool Curriculum

While we wait for our Golden Retriever puppy to arrive, there are many things to research and prepare for.  During this process we have discovered a myriad of things that are bonus benefits.

We are currently zoning in on the valuable lessons that our children will learn and creating homeschool lesson plans.  

  1. Dog Training - A life skill that is rarely if ever taught in traditional school.  There are many facets of this skill that is useful to children at even the fundamental level.  The foundation of dog training is a concept of focusing on the positives and teaching dogs through incremental steps and repetition.  Kids also learn patience, strategy and persistence.  All great skills to possess.  We will enroll Dixie in an obedience school and the kids will be able to watch, learn and then practice at home.
  2. Dog Grooming - Even the fundamentals of this skill is great for kids to learn and if they show deep interest they could intern with professionals.  We plan to visit local grooming shops to observe and learn while also practicing our skills at home.
  3. Responsibility - While I will be the official Dixie Dog Handler, the children will play an active roll with small responsibilities such as walking her at least once per day.  

To my knowledge, there are no homeschool curriculum available for these subjects, but I have found that Zak George keeps kids engaged.  Zak has a great book that is suitable for middle and high school levels.  Buy his book at Amazon Zak George's Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love and also available at Audible.  Zak George has oodles of short videos on YouTube as well as play lists for each topic that compliments his book.  It makes quick work for lesson plans.

As we progress with training, we will also study Service Dog Training which is an extension of obedience.  Other subjects that work well with this lesson plan is Military, Police, Fire, ATF and other Service Dogs and their history.  It is simply amazing all the jobs that "Man's Best Friend" does for us.

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