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Homeschool Dog Training Lesson Plans Pt 1

Rebel will be home in about a week and the clock is ticking for an official family Homeschool Lesson plan.  So after many months of study and planning here is our plan of attack for the first couple of months.

We want everyone in the family to be as involved as possible with training Rebel, however, I am still the Trainer!  Kids understand Zak George the most and it helps them to get into the right mind set.  For adults I prefer Larry Krohn of Pakmaster Dog Training.  Larry gives sound advice for the kind of dog we want to train.  Knowing that eventually Rebel will be a Service Dog, we want to ensure that we teach the fundamentals extremely well.  More on Service Dog duties when I am ready to share.

Larry gives the basics in the video below and has other videos that go more in depth.  

It is important to be consistent with vocabulary in the beginning and they are not typically used in our conversation so I am starting the kiddos out with the two main commands suggested by Larry.  Leave It and Out.  Even the adults will have trouble making that part of our vocabulary for while.

We will likely be OCD over housebreaking until it is mastered as I want that done ASAP!  Everything else is secondary.  

Attached to the refrigerator is the following instructions and we will all work as a family to conquer these steps before moving on to any other commands.

Rebel Training Instructions For First Few Months

Very little training, mostly bonding by playing. Inside always attached on a 15-foot leash or in crate.


  1. Housebreaking: Take outside at least once per hour. Keep an eagle eye on him to see if he needs to go outside.
  2. “Leave It”: This command is used for anything he is messing with that is not allowed. Say “Leave It” and then distract.
  3. “Out”: This command is for anything in his mouth that he should turn loose of. It is trained with toys such as tug of war. Make tug of war very boring then praise when he drops it or lets go.
  4. Learn his name and come when called. The leash helps guide him back to you. “Rebel Come” is likely best. Goal is for him to immediately come when called.
  5. Luring: Simple luring with treats to get him used to the basics. Not expected to ace them, just use it as part of play. Such as Sit, Roll Over, Down, Up (Hup I haven’t decided on that one yet) etc... Basically just setting groundwork.

Supplemental Videos from Zak George

Zak George Leave It training

Zak George Drop It - we are using the command OUT but the same principles apply 


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