Amazing Fitness and Weight Loss Program

There are oodles of books, videos, programs and other self help plans to help people loose weight and get fit.  I have discovered the holy grail of fitness and weight loss that I must share with you!

It happened quite by accident and I suggested to my Dr that he prescribe this amazing program to his patients.  He agreed!  Here is the program:

Step 1:  Purchase a Golden Retriever puppy from a reputable breeder.  Cost:  Depends on breeder (alternately you can go to a shelter and adopt a puppy).  Commit to training the puppy and attending to it's every need.  See our story on Puppy Training 10 weeks, Puppy Training 14 weeks, Puppy Training 4 months, Puppy Life Hacks

Step 2:  Take puppy out to potty every hour at least, socialize puppy in every conceivable way, exercise the puppy with walks, fetch and tug of war games.  

With just this part in action you have increased your step count and overall activity.  The more you work with the puppy the more active you get.

Because of my health issues, I must see the Dr every 30 days which is how this was monitored.  I am not ready to discuss those health issues publicly.  Over the past few months a few of the changes that my Dr has seen are as follows:  

  • I lost about 20 pounds
  • My A1C (Diabetes test) is at 5.1 controlled by diet only.  The best it has been in years.
  • My heart rate is at 81 bpm which is the best it has been in 10 years
  • My blood pressure is at 144/70 which is awesome and I think the best I have had in at least 10 years.  I do not take meds for my BP

As an added bonus you get a new best friend who will unconditionally love you and seeks only to please you.  The greatest weight loss and fitness plan ever!  

Get out there and get fit with a new best friend!  

Update May 23, 2018:  My monthly Dr appointment today showed I had lost 2 more pounds and my Blood Pressure was at an all time low of 120/64.  I asked to check my Cholesterol and A1C again which we will do next month.  Never underestimate the exercise quality of daily tug of war games with a 55# Golden Retriever.  In the excitement, I forgot to ask what my HR was but it is surely good.

Update June 22, 2018:  My monthly Dr appt report today.  Still holding the same weight at 132 pounds.  Blood Pressure is 120/76.  Heart Rate 89 BPM.  Oxygen 99%.  I got an A+ report again.  :D 

Update July 20, 2018:  My monthly Dr appointment today.  Weight 131 pounds.  Blood Pressure an amazing 110/60.  Heart Rate 88 BPM.  Oxygen 98%.  Another A+ report!  

Update August 24, 2018:  Monthly Dr Appt report today.  Weight 129 pounds.  Blood Pressure 110/66.  Heart Rate 103 bpm (much higher than normal but likely due to a family death with the funeral just 2 days prior).  Oxygen 98%.  All in all another A+ report.

Update September 24, 2018:  Monthly Dr Appointment today.  Weight steady at 129 pounds.  Blood pressure 120/72.  Heart Rate 82 BPM.  Oxygen 98%.  Another A+ report.  Thank you Rebel for being a great Service Dog!



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