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Crimes against our most vulnerable are unthinkable especially when children are victims of abuse and sexual exploitation but four recent cases in cities across the United States raise a troubling question: what if the perpetrator is an illegal immigrant?

In 2015 a spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement told FoxNews.com that “comprehensive statistics on illegal immigrant crime are not available from the federal government, and suggested contacting county, state and federal jail and prison systems individually to compose a tally, a process that would encompass thousands of local departments.”

In the absence of data, we can only look at specific cases and follow the evidence provided by Federal agencies and media reports.

Nicholas Conona-Garcia, 37, an illegal immigrant residing in Marhsall Missouri along with his girlfriend, were charged with felony assault charges on 23 month-old twins, September 13, 2016. The toddlers suffered broken bones such as ribs and pelvis with one twin having more serious injuries such as intestinal damage likely needing surgery.

The social workers report stated “the injuries sustained would allegedly have had to come from direct trauma such as punching, stomping or kicking. Fractures to the bottom of the pelvis (used for sitting) were reportedly "consistent with high velocity trauma, such as falling multiple stories off a building or a fatal or near fatal motor vehicle accident," according to one child's doctor, who is cited explaining the child would have had to have been kicked very hard from behind, stomped or picked up and slammed down on a hard surface for that injury to occur. According to the statement, the doctor credited the injuries to "'prolonged violent assault' and not a momentary loss of temper or lapse of judgment."

According to local news sources, Conona-Garcia was taken into custody by ICE on March 3, 2017 and deported to his home country of Mexico a few days later. The court set bail at $250,000 for Conona-Garcia and his girlfriend, mother of the twins.  Reports do not explain the bail conditions nor whom it applies to.  Did Conona-Garcia have to make bail before deportation?  Does the bail only apply to the un-named girlfriend? An additional source has conflicting details about the story, which does not cite the girlfriend/mother as being arrested.

Javier Atlixqueno-Vaquero, 37, a convicted felon for crimes such as sexual assault with a minor as well as drugs and felony failure to appear. Atlixqueno-Vaquero was ordered by immigration judge to be repatriated to Mexico on May 19, 2004. He re-entered the US at an unknown date and was recently added to the most wanted fugitives list. Atlixqueno-Vaquero was arrested at his home in Newark NJ on January 31, 2017.

Armando Garcia-Ramires, 35, illegal immigrant, was initially arrested by ICE January 2011 in San Antonio TX but released just one month later after posting bond. He was arrested again by ICE April 2016 but an immigration judge granted him bond on May 11. Houston Chronicle reports that Garcia-Ramires reportedly shot his 15 year old girl friend killing her and their unborn child March 9, 2017.

ICE has placed an immigration detainer on Garcia-Ramires.  An immigration detainer is defined by American Immigration Council as "an official request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to another law enforcement agency (LEA)—such as a state or local jail —that the LEA notify ICE prior to releasing an individual from local custody so that ICE can arrange to take over custody."  

Trio of Mexican Nationals were convicted of harboring a teenager and forced her to work. ICE reports “In early 2005, Angel Sandoval Mondragon smuggled the teen into the U.S. with the help of a “coyote.” The defendants picked the teen up and transported her to Aberdeen, where the three defendants shared a home with their five children and another teenage niece who had also been smuggled into the United States. The young girl was then informed that she would not be enrolling in school, but working in order to pay off her smuggling debts.”

Miguel Arcef-Flores received a 40-month prison term, Angel Sandoval Mondragon was sentenced to 36 months in prison, Marabella Sandoval Mondragon was sentenced to 34 months in prison. All three perpetrators were arrested in December 2015. Deportation likely awaits each after completion of their prison terms.

The four cases reviewed show a variety of scenarios and results ranging from immediate deportation to sentencing and certain deportation upon prison term completion.  More questions are revealed such as how do we ensure the criminals are not able to re-enter the US?  Some criminals pay legal penalty in the US, while others are simply deported.  Many more questions for another day.  One thing is certain, a central database is essential to public safety from the illegal immigrant criminals.

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